Blessings now and always

Let Go Paper is paper that instantly dissolves in water. It is a powerful resource for anyone looking to release emotions, thoughts and life patterns.

Created by Pathway to Enlightenment Inc., to help individuals let go of emotional attachments and think with a clear heart and sound mind.

You can write on Let Go Paper just as you would with any regular piece of paper. The release process takes place when Let Go Paper is dropped in water and stirred, dissolving instantly. 





Frequently Asked Questions

How is Let Go Paper and Buddha Board different?

The Buddha board is an excellent tool for drawing. As you keep drawing, your intention and energy will collect there. Let Go Paper is designed to provide instant release of emotional energy.

Can I forget certain memories with Let Go Paper?

Let Go Paper is designed to release the emotions associated with particular memories. This removes the need to forget memories as they no longer have a hold over you.

Can I use Let Go Paper for Positive Wishes?

Absolutely. Let Go Paper is designed as a positive way to release thoughts and emotions in physical form. Write your dreams, wishes and release it for the universe to manifest.